Research Report: Esports Revenue to Reach $3.5 Billion

Big money is coming to esports. It's a good thing.

According to a new report titled "Esports & Let's Plays ~ Rise of the Backseat Gamers", the esports and streaming market is predicted to generate $3.5 billion in revenue by 2021, up from $1.8 billion predicted for 2017. The report comes from Juniper Research, a research film specializing in digital, high growth markets. It's safe to say that esports fits snugly into that demographic.

Per the report, Twitch will distance itself in its live-streaming arms race with YouTube, claiming a predicted 83% of live esports viewership versus YouTube in 2017, and generating lots of ad revenue with the prediction that 90% of esports or livestream viewers will watch ad-supported streams by 2021.

The $3.5 billion will reportedly be split primarily by three major regions, with North America, Western Europe, and the Far East/China each claiming a quarter of that revenue.

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