11/2/17 Update

Hey everyone, just wanted to give everyone a quick update on what’s been going on behind our closed doors. Our site developers have been plugging away tirelessly to get what’s going to be our official site to a more than acceptable state, and they’re just putting the finishing touches on now. Our anti-cheat integration is in progress as well, and we’re very close to announcing and eventually releasing our open beta period.

When our beta gets going, we’re going to really step up our content game, with more written content on the site, interviews, our Tele-Dvsion podcast, and more. During the beta all of our contact channels will be open (Twitter, Facebook, email, etc.) and we’re going to be looking to all of our open beta users for quality feedback. And of course we’ll be running a number of competitions and giveaways during the beta, and we’ll have details out for those ASAP.

This journey has admittedly gone on longer than we initially expected or wanted, but the next stage is upon us! Hopefully you’ll all stick around and join us.

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